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  • axle tube alignment jig The premade pucks aren't a bad deal if you don't know anyone or don't feel like talking to a few shops. G. The blocks are also interchangeable with the seatstay jig. FOR BOTH SIDES ORDER 4 TOTAL. Step 3: Assemble Main Part of Frame Jig Assemble the basic structure for the jig using two main rails (72"), the upright for the neck fixture (36"), the upright for the axle plate fixture (24"), and two base clamps. Full Floating Hub — What is a “Full Floating Hub?” A built-in scale allows you to set the jig to the desired chainstay length and cut with confidence knowing the length is correct the first time. The torque tube aligning “jig” was 3 pieces of angle iron and a collar I made to temporarily increase the necked down front of the torque tube to the larger size of the rest of the While many axles are stepped, this axle has a consistent outer diameter which means I can make tube blocks to hold onto it and install the Shimano AX-75 QR to clamp the dropouts in place. • Using another 5/8” x 2 ¾” bolt, fasten the axle tabs to the other end. x 3/16" wall axle tubes and include gear I'll answer 2 ways: I am going to align the FF brackets using the spindle (edit for clarity and accurate information: The axle alignment jig will use carrier pucks and spindle pucks) and an alignment bar. Made of either 2" x 2" or 2" x 3" square tubing, we can virtually build any axle you require. 062 music wire, . Using another 5/8” x 2 ¾” bolt, fasten the axle tabs to the other end. They also fit the Dana 60 front spindles too. Welding on axle flanges definitely needs the jig to keep them aligned. Swing the bar down letting the tabs rest onto the axle. Measure and note the distance between the front wheel and rear wheel on either side of the trailer, if your trailer has a second axle. Aluminum spacer 6. Lead Mine Products alignment bushings. 5" Chevy rear. Set pinion angle. 00+ inch hole in them to slide a 5 foot long piece of 1" od cold rolled steel bar through. [ welder crackling ] (ian)>> the rtech truss assembly begins by prepping the axle where the truss will rest on the center section. I'm very happy with and I hope you are too. 082 stainless tube. Jan 12, 2016 · After brazing the chainstays, I checked my alignment with the single-toothed-stick (frame alignment gauge), and it was about 5mm off from center. yea i dint really xplain that right. As the installation progressed, and the jig plate got about 1/4-inch from mating with the torsion housing, Ron switched to grinding the material from the frame horns Jun 20, 2003 · Re: PinePro Axle Alignment Jig Post by sarge » Tue Feb 16, 2010 4:07 pm If it butts up against the block then your hole is only as strait as your block. Details jig, truing guides and tools DIY building also full instructions on how to build wheels. Each unit is narrowed to your requirements and equipped with all required suspension brackets and other options, such as a Back Brace, Filler Bung, etc. Specifications – Straight Axles. Align the index marks on the jig with the lines corresponding to the axle hole positions on the block. If anybody else has pics, feel free to post. Bolt-On Rear Spindle Snouts and Flanges Bolt-On Rear Spindle Snouts and Flanges These tube flanges fit all axle tubes with 2. Brand new you can weld tubes in a timed manner for no warping. Dec 27, 2004 · Looking for information on correctly welding axle tubes. Center the axle left to right between the quarter panels. i used the axles as the jig, and used a dial indicator to measure the play in the axle shaft to the spool and find the center. Seat angle 65 ᷾° - 80 ᷾°. custom built steel frames and forks. Product Code: 10004. Reversible plate allows for 1-1/8" and 1-1/4" seat tubes. welding axle tube to center section 05-27-2005, 08:56 PM If I alternate side to side of the tube do I have to use a jig? Tags: None. The axle tube will (needs to) stay exactly the same way it is before the flip. Jan 13, 2009 · The hardest part is getting the bends in the axle the same from side to side. May 25, 2005 · i put mine in without a jig. 5" of axle tube pressed into the cast mount, so the tube was only shortened by that much. The rear wheel axle was 130mm wide, so I made the rear axle jig appropriately so that I could bend the chain stays to fit. My experience is with 9" rears. Upper control arm mounts were also included in the kit from COPO Parts Direct. This causes friction and drag on your car, which sloooows your car down. I know of no one else around here that does it that way. Compare the distances between the right wheels and the left wheels. 00. Check the box above to enter a custom value. The question of whether or not the axle is bent will likely come up during a standard alignment. They are turned from solid 7075 so the threads are true to the bore so your alignment is right-on. 8 to start with and the axle tubes were off by about 3/8" on each side. Rod is 10mm diameter to match most front derailleurs. Jun 23, 2014 · Not the snug fit I was looking for between the one-inch shaft and the inner bushings. 13. After that use I would shorten down the axles to legal length for a typical carhauler. The thru bar holds everything in alignment. Model RAR-266 lightweight system in 23,000 and 25,000 lb. Adjustable guide bracket adjusts 1/2' for different length bodies. Specifications Oct 29, 2020 · If you have ever tried to calculate the axle lengths needed for your 9" Ford rearend project, it can make you pull your hair out. This steel and aluminum jig places a front derailleur boss 9mm inboard of the BB face and 8. $. capacities. 25, 8. A torch is used at points adjacent to the joints, one a time cooling to room temperature each time so proper measurement can be made. Once the axle tube has been cut to length, remove any burrs inside and outside and if required, file the internal seam flat. The upright for the neck fixture should be spaced FEATURED Trailer Air Suspension. Convention is to jig it up. 21, 1961 Dec. Lastly, the housing ends are welded after all other welding is complete to ensure perfect alignment with the center section. If you do the toe alignment will be messed up. It is not necessary to spend tens of thousands of dollars to precisely align your big rig steering or driving axles, or trailer axles. 3/4”-16 jam nut 3. nvvsm'on. Align, make four strong tack welds 90 degrees apart. May 29, 2019 · 3/32" axle bearing/bushing installation and alignment tool - posted in The Parts Counter: $19. All steel construction reduces vibration while fitted blocks firmly clamp tubes in place without crimping them or allowing them to slip, a common occurrence with vee blocks. Compare. An axle will under load will try to pull upward which is why you need an under brace, the axle will also tow in under load, (need for forward bracing) The axle tubes can be welded but as mentioned above it should be done with axle empty, in an alignment jig, and weld in one continuous bead as not to pull durring heat/cooling. Fitted tube blocks and dropout blocks ensure a rigid grip on the stays while mitering. If more bend is needed, the area heated generally goes further out the tube to avoid a hard bend in one spot. The photo shows the FF jigs on top of the carrier Made of heavy wall steel tubing and solid steel pins, the patented Axletrac system is the fastest, most durable, and most economical semi-trailer axle alignment system available. I would tack it in 4 locations, 12, 6, 9, and 3 o’clock Feather both sides of each tack. $65. Bottom bracket drop 120mm to Bottom bracket rise 40mm. dutchmanaxles. With all four axles inserted into the car block, place the tool flat on the bottom of the car. After the holes were drilled the tubes were slid into place and held in alignment by the Handbrake Cable, 1977-on Rear Axle Showing the rubber flap attached to a flange on the axle casing, to which a bracket on the handbrake cable is attached. ‰Û¢ Semi-float axles to minimize brake pad knock back over a floating c-clip axles for autocross and road course racing. Originally posted by blazed89 seth how did you make sure all the bearings lined up. Take the guesswork out of axle replacement and ensure that you get Spicer ® quality right out of the box. 5″ Ductile Alloy Wheel, 1″ steel axle w/Bearings and Insulation Kit *Each Insulation Kit includes: Cast wheel with bearings 1″ diameter axle Axle tube Nylon insulating bushings Washer and snap rings Once the axle tube is welded to your cart frame, the 1″ axle, wheel with bearings, insulating bushings, washer and snap rings are easily […] The jig below just did a dozen rear triangles very handily - only two are frame rejects. Oct 23, 2006 · A little clean up of the axle tube's ID and chamfering the inner edge a touch - a drum sander on a 3/8" drill motor works fine - allows the axle ends to be tapped in with a soft hammer. 3/8”-16 nut 8. 2 out of 5 stars 11. 5″ x 7″ brakes with 23k rated lining These are made to support the spindle for axle housing narrowing of Dana 60's, 70's or GM 14 Bolt housings. We sell only the highest quality flanged axles on the market. I have been able to heat and shrink the tubes into alignment in the past but these are to far out for that. I haven't done an import axle so I can't say for sure. 1-397 023 for twist: 258b: Steering Knuckle Gauge If it does, you can tell which side is longer and which is shorter. Axle Tubes, which are 3" in diameter, may be shortened to specific measurement if necessary. 8 is the way the axle tubes are attached to the housing, which is via pressed in plugs. Dec 28, 2020 · I made a simple jig years ago that sits on the welding table and automatically gets the ends vertical. Senior Member. 001" max ,just for snug alignment) to fit axle tube bore. HYKES METHOD AND MEANS FOR TRAILER AXLE ALIGNMENT ATTORNEY Dec. The jig included a place that held the tubes that were to be inserted into the frame and be welded in place. Clamp the jig in place will two clamps, one on each of the drilling guides (note that the clamps shown in the photos are larger than necessary). The jig helps keep the axles straight and parallel when affixing them to the chassis when you do an axle swap or custom build. Commercial chopper frame jigs are very expensive. Using an alignment jig, the tubing is welded 360 degrees to the outside of the housing, along the housing slots, as well as to the internal gusset. Very well taken care of. Welding Jigs . Tip #3: DoctorDiff axles have 2. Hold the block firmly, position the drill bit in the hole, and drill 3/4 inch into the block. Axle Alignment If your axles are not perfectly straight, your car will steer left or right, causing it to hit the center rail as it goes down the track. Aug 12, 2009 · Its an axle jig not a part for Nasa. Ideal for applications when you need to change from a straight snout to cambered or vice versa. Core charge for Model A is $50. The person I used to get to do this kind of work is no longer in business. Bracing is the best thing to do. on trailer s you need highly specialized equipment and only a few place can do it properly. Lastly, the ends are welded after all other welding is complete to ensure perfect alignment with the center section. Turn a say 6" long tube insert with a light interference fit (. I took my axle off the trailer and took it to a local body shop with a frame alignment jig. Parallel spindle HM518445/HM518445 bearing combination; 5/8″ tube wall and 3/4″ tube wall. Always used the jig. One way to do it without jigs or locators . It has 3⁄8-inch-thick tubes, which is good, but the overall width, the goofy old unit-bearing style hubs, and the lack of Axle B is a 32 Ford Heavy which has been stretch dropped 5 inches. This assembly is inserted in the jig making sure that the sliding plate is the correct way round Check the axle slots for alignment. I had some lovely little rodents that wanted to reside in my axle while sitting in my garage! Pacific Trailers builds custom trailer axles for your boat or utility trailer. The jig is used by loosely assembling the wheels on the axles with the sleeves over the crankpins. A MIG welder, . May 28, 2009 · If you're handy with a laser level you can jig it up yourself. The alignment shaft will be a 1. To get all that power to the wheels we have a huge selection of rear axle assemblies, driveshafts, u-joints, differentials, ring and pinion sets, spools, lockers, axles, C-clip eliminator kits and more. Does anybody have a setup they'd loan or rent out? Looking for the carrier pucks, spindle puck, and alignment bar. You can use 3/32 inch axles if you slip a 1/8 inch OD tube over the axle where it fits into the axle carriers. And no, I don't take the rear axle apart to slide them over the tubes---I just cut the bracket into 2 peices, slide the 2 peices over the tube from each side, and tack them back together. After one housing you have them paid for. Description: This tool fits the carrier bearing adjusters, inside the axle tube, a must have for Dodge, Chrysler 9. axle tubes and the stronger and larger 3 1/4" diameter axle tubes. If you are a little off then the axle shaft will not spin true in the spindle and damage to some your shaft is very likely. com Center the axle left to right between the quarter panels. Improper alignment may also result in axle damage while hauling heavy loads. Seems to me a shop could do the same for you - just bending it in the other direction to remove Camber. like most import rears the tube is kinda tappered Find an area where it is as straight as possible. Interesting, guess that's what happens with 750 HP, 32x18 drag slicks, and a trans brake (rear came out of my buddy's super gas car). x 2in. Anyone here just weld them on and go and have no issues. If you find that you need to heat the axle tube, jack up the housing into perfect alignment with the housing end insert and heat a band all the way around the tube until it's red-hot. For a $100 they cold bent the axle to add the Camber I needed. Item# 124994 Makers of boat trailer axles weld the spindles to the axle using perfectly aligned jigs to ensure the wheels are properly aligned when the trailer is new. The alignment jig was a fairly simple design in that it only included four aluminum pucks and a steel rod. Auto Performance Rear End. The others are measured from the FRONT (brake line clip on the back toward top), so the passenger tube is on the left. 1-397 022: 258a: Stub Axle Gauge For checking stub axle of VW Passenger Cars from Chassis No. You physically put the spring on top verses on the bottom. Dec 03, 2014 · Alignment shops have a tool that holds the steering wheel on center when making adjustments to the front end aligment, but in our experience unless you’re making big changes this is really not an issue. IT MAY BE NECESSARY TO TRIM & BEVEL THE TAB TO FIT AGAINEST THE AXLE TUBE. A final picture of the jig in use. 1. Got my self a dragster axle. Trailer Axles. 2- using spray paint or a tire marker, put a 1 " or so white line all the way around the center of the tire tread. Tubes, Jigs, and Bushings are all sold separatly. and will fit most common bolt-on rear snouts. A jig holds all the frame parts and the wheels dropouts in alignment while you weld them together. Jun 21, 2000 · Making the alignment jig pucks in the lathe. Straighten as necessary. 99 each retail. For the traditional hotrod or ratrod guy, we offer a Jig dropped axle and axle drilling. Allstar Ford 9IN Housing 58IN Wide Centered GN Snouts ALL68820 Housings are jig welded for correct alignment using a select used center section, new 3" O. • Bolt one end of the jig to the cradle using a 5/8” x 2 ¾” bolt. I used a bit of tube that cups the axle. The alignment pucks screw onto the spindles. I have straight axles and yes the axle tubes are on top of the springs, but I'm on larger tires and larger axles tubes too = more ground clearance. It's an alignment tool, not a fixture. Drill a couple of plug holes in the axle tube at least 1/2" diameter, preferably larger so that the stub axle can be secured at the back end with some good welds. The driver's side just for specials whats new steel tubing seat tubes bent seat tubes top tubes down tubes head tubes machined head & steer tube stock seat stays bent & shaped seat stays - round & straight chainstays bent chainstays straight - round & shaped fork blades steel frame parts bottom bracket shells rear dropouts thru axle rear dropouts - vertical & horizontal Jan 22, 2020 · I made simple jigs to align the torque tube and to check the alignment of the driveshaft before tack welding the splined socket into the back of the driveshaft. Jigs are used for positioning tubes in frame before cutting or drilling hole for tubes. The first thing to set on the jig is to adjust the dummy axle to give you the correct bottom bracket drop. It is a simple bolt up and caster was within specs at 6 degrees before any alignment. Rear axle X 200 - 500mm. A bolt pattern drill guide or “jig” is an indispensable tool used to re-drill vehicle axles and brake drums or rotors to a different lug pattern— without removing the axles from the vehicle. I had the same problem with mine and they handled it great while I waited. I suppose this could be done in a drill press with a hole saw too if you had a big enuff vise to hold it. 7mm forward of the seat tube centerline, while holding the boss parallel to the seat tube for brazing. b. precision-ground alignment bar, carrier bearing adapters in pairs and wheel bearing plugs. Jan 22, 2019 · Without a jig it's very difficult, time consuming, and it's much more likely you'll get a bent frame. 99 $. Installed my 'custom made' alignment checking jig today. I used 5/8" rod but you can use whatever is sitting in the remnant bucket at the local recycler. A boat trailer can get out of alignment when an accident occurs or from hard bouncing when the trailer navigates down extremely rough roads, resulting in the axle being bent out of shape. An 1-1/2" x 60" precision ground line up bar is passed through the trimmed rear end housing and through the inner bearing blocks. See more ideas about welding, homemade tools, welding projects. Place the tool flat on the bottom of your car. Determine where the rear end is the longest. Turned ground polished (TGP) 1-1/4" OD bar from McMaster. But maybe close enough. . Mounts are to be attached to the jig and welded to the tubes. I have brazed a small tube onto and perpendicular to the hub, and another, of 1 1/2" conduit, perpendicular to that about 4" away - this latter is parallel, obviously, to the axle. Mar 31, 2012 · If your axle housing end is off by more than 0. The beginning price could be anywhere from $5,000 upwards for an adjustable jig. Allstar Allstar 9in Floater Bare Housing 2. Then you have to move it to the other side. Its possible for these plugs to break and spin the axle tube, which is easily prevented by welding the tubes to the housing. $650. The same axle is available, # CE33201GA-HUB but it comes with a galvanized idler hub that has a 5 on 4-1/2" bolt pattern. Special fixtures that allow our technicians to hold all components in correct alignment when fitting the housing with new tubes and billet housing ends. There are even tips on how to add larger tires without needing an expensive lift kit. 0 out of 5 stars Must have rear ended jig piece An alignment jig is an essential tool in any modder's toolbox. Jun 11, 2008 · A Model A axle measures zero drop, whereas a '32 axle already has a 1-1/2-inch drop from the factory, so dropping this a further 2 1/2 inches results in the popular 4-inch dropped axle. Everything, including the housing, gears, bearings, and axle shafts, is brand new and manufactured to exacting standards. the rubber bushings. The Pro Body Jig helps guide the thin #44 drill bit required to drill axle holes preventing deflection for a more accurate job. Head angle 56 ᷾° - 76 ᷾°. The uprights should extend below the main rails by 1-1/2". What is the best way to straighten them out. While you may have certain tools needed already on hand, such as needle-nose pliers, many of these tools are specific to building a Pinewood Derby car. The lower control arm mounts were then welded to the sub frame connectors. Check the axle tubes for warpage (make sure the housing ends are parallel). Alignment jig 5. Axle Tubes are available in Steel or Aluminum in all popular lengths from 24" to 32". 8 tubes, inside and out. 00 $ 65. Head tube Y 230 - 550mm. 5 degrees, king pin bores resize to original bore size, sandblasted and magnafluxed to check for cracks. My idea now is to use a 4" section of 2. Capacity, Model# 79997 Only $ 79. HYKES METHOD AND MEANS FOR TRAILER AXLE ALIGNMENT Filed Dec. The axle and tube clamp posts are all aligned with the base. Re-install. The tool measures 3 inches so one has to use an extension to reach Pithy Bikes - Beginner Build Tig Welded Bicycle Frame Pithy Bikes; 59 videos; 182,520 views; Last updated on Oct 3, 2016 go to alignment specialty's in slc. 12. l I . Sep 10, 2019 · One jig fits the bottom bracket to the seat tube. 29, 1964 Filed Deq. just cut it in the middle of the tube. When I was sure everything was aligned, I welded the new tubes to the F8. The drill guides are made of steel for strength and durability and can be used many times over. An axle truss is a device that is attached to an axle to give it added support and strength against bending or deflecting out of alignment. (40 available), 3" axle studs 47. Specifically on a 10 bolt 8. 100”, attach strut and tension until desired measurement. Wheelie bar length set at 5. Put a fairly good chamfer on the outside edge of the axle tube for good weld penetration. Gearbox Alignment Gauge: 256a: Front Axle Tube Alignment Gauge For checking front axle tube alignment: 258: Stub Axle Gauge For checking stub axle alignment of VW Passenger Cars up to Chassis No. Tip #2: A Dana is measured from the BACK, placing the passenger tube on the right of drawing. For your wheel to be way off center like that, you’ve either gone way too far with your alignment of you’ve got bigger issues. If the distances deviate by more than 1/8 inch, then the rear axle is out of alignment with the front axle. Apr 10, 2011 · One of the only weaknesses of the 8. 16. The rear pivot and mounting for the anti-roll bar can be seen on top of the axle casing (top left), but other than both being attached to the tube in adjacent areas the two are entirely separate. By using this tool, the axle tubes can warp slightly and it will not effect the finished alignment of the axle flange because the steel rod and flanges hold it in alignment with the center section. [ welder crackling ] (ian)>> with the rear axle completed it can go away and the front can go onto the stand. Jan 01, 2012 · no jig, no problem. *And one Deluxe alignment plate. Carrier-bearing adapters are included for Ford 9” and 8. Skip around from one side to the other to avoid overheating the tube. Jan 7, 2016 - Explore Bill Risnear's board "welding jig" on Pinterest. The tube which formed the jig was later removed. May 22, 2013 · This modification is performed on the latest Mustang 8. A bottle jack and chain are used for bending. 0L and 31" tires is minuscule. They include a 1 1/2 in. To get started you really only need 3 pucks for the axle your working on. Both used are the beefy 1/4" wall "DOM" steel tubing. Two of the pucks were machined to fit in place of the carrier bearings. The dummy axle ensures that the alignment will be right and all I need to do is make sure the dropouts are clocked correctly and the axle sits square on both The straight axle assembly is complete with tube axle (any width), leaf springs (rated at 3,500 pounds for the pair) with front shackles and rear-frame brackets, shocks with frame-mount brackets, new Super Bell early Ford spindles with bolt-on Super Bell 2-inch dropped steering arms, new cross-steer Vega steering box with 2-inch dropped Pitman to make jig to hold everything straight and aligned for welding. It’s taken a few different forms since it was made available late last year, and each time it got a little better. The way we do it is, we put your axle on the jig, and it shows us where the bend exists and the extent of the bend. Can’t ever remember welding an axle housing, probably have, just don’t remember. The standard kit will accommodate Dana 60, Ford 9" (using large style axle bearings) and Chevrolet 12 bolt using the c-clip eliminator kit. SRAM standard chainline is 49mm with 142mm OLD and thru axle: Singlespeed and Single-chainwheel MTB, "Boost 148" 52 mm: Wider chainline need for chainstay clearance on newer Oct 23, 2011 · Similarly, purge gas fittings become important for those who TIG in the fixture. The jig shown on the right is basically just a four-sided box with the top and one end left off. Drives like new. TACK WELD THE LUGS & TAB TO THE HOUSING. It has width adjustment holes practically the width of. x 3/16" wall axle tubes and include gear case mounting studs, fill and drain plugs. I have a nbs '99 Silverado with a factory rear end but any pictures will help. The trailer axle alignment guage of claim 1, and extension means connected at one end to an end of said lever means and adopted to have the other end thereof connected to the king pin of a trailer. The axle alignment jig is a tool used when modifying Hot Wheels and other 1/64 diecast cars for racing. 1-397 023 for twist: 258b: Steering Knuckle Gauge Peiseler 256A Jig Front Axle Tube Alignment Gauge Price: 200: In great condition, box included. diameter turned, ground, and polished shaft that is passed through the The Redline Derby Axle Alignment Jig has gone through quite an evolution in a very short amount of time. Our jig is compact and easily adjusts to the length of your chassis. 0". I would take it to an axle shop that has a laser alignment jig. The truly correct way appears to be to heat the completely disassemble rear in an oven and tig/mig with the correct gas and wire in a jig or straighten. x 72in. Hundreds of alignment kits in the field prove the E-Z LINE system is the most accurate, affordable, compact, and portable laser alignment. In this section of the handbook we’ll take a look at Frame Jigs, also called Welding Jigs, and discuss the pros and cons of various configurations while trying to separate myth from reality so that the prospective builder has some solid information at their disposal as they contemplate how best to approach their own personal jig project. Materials: 1 - 8020 #1530L extrusion, 24" (28" if you're building 29er suspension-corrected forks) 1 - 8020 #1530L extrusion, 6" 2 - 8020 #4350 4-hole 90deg Joining Plate 1 - 8020 #3330 Universal Pivot Nub 4 - 8020 #3879 Economy Double T-nuts, M8 15 - M8 x 16mm button head socket cap screws (8020 #3813) 15 - M8 washers (8020# 3860) 1 - M6 x ~20mm socket head allen screw 2 - M5 x ~10 pan head I just put the jig through it and the axle tubes are so misaligned I can't just weld the ends on as is. com The jig is re-usable for different length and width of slots, although it is made for a single body tube diameter. Other sizes not in stock well take about 3 or 4 days to ship. each bracket is placed onto the tube using the included alignment jig, and tacked in place. Kit includes standard 5×5 GN hubs, hub bearings, seals, brake rotor, drive flange, 31 spline solid axles (29. Trailer alignment recommendations allow little room for error; incorrect calibration can greatly increase the risk of accidents occurring. The axle assembly is pieced together in this jig using go/no-go tooling for pinpoint accuracy. Don't forget you will need a high performance starter to get that high horsepower motor cranking too! 12 bolt passenger car housing. , 3500-Lb. 8‰Û rear ends. 29, 1964 P. Tapered spindle HM212049/HM218248 bearing combination with nut assemblies. Dimensions are checked again and again because Another tool is something I had custom made at a local machine shop and that is an alignment jig. Make sure the ruled edge is flush with one side and that both ends of the axle slot line up with the #1 line on the tool. The 3/32 axle bearing/bushing installation and alignment tool is back. 5 preferred, but for frames with oversized seat tubes, the longer dimension may be needed, because the fat tube places the front derailer mechanism farther to the right. Nelson used the same heat and cold technique to install the spindle into the new axle tube. 030-inch wire, and the correct setting for the wall thickness of the tube is used to tack weld the new flange in place in four spots, which are equally spaced around the tube. 5" (Ford 9") brake gaps. • Swing the bar down letting the tabs rest onto the axle. and the inner axles will be RCV Chromolies. Real McCoy, interesting side note to your earlier comment, the axles DID slid right out of the spool nice and Universal Narrowing Jig - Includes a selection of CNC-machined adapters that bolt in place of the factory carrier bearings to assure proper alignment of the jig shaft and threaded housing-end adapters. The dummy axle is machined from threaded rod. Retail price to drop an axle is $200. IN PRECISE WELDING JIGS FOR PERFECT ALIGNMENT. The closest we have is a CE Smith Axle that measure 46-1/2" from spring center to spring center, # CE33201GA. Then, I press out the tubes with my 100tonner. Did you use a jig? I have the need for a short term yard (no street use) trailer with wide axles 12'. Found both axle tubes bent forward and down. If rear is of unknown source or has been dragged, you need a jig to make sure your foundation is good. Jun 11, 2019 · Make sure that whomever you take it to is properly equipped with a fork jig or alignment table and is well versed in the art of “cold setting” (a fancy term for bending) steel forks. CNC machined for perfect alignment of all the chassis parts. Just check your caster and camber a few times before welding it tight. Next I dropped the king pins thru the new bosses and into the jig. Master Chassis spare axle for 4mm jigs 1/8" Precision machined replacement axle for use when building a 4mm loco on a Master Chassis. Passenger side bent tube Passenger side tube after straightening (Note: When I brought the axle back it was flipped in the fixture compared to the original pics. Also, both the axle housing and the new flange have been chamfered for the weld. Heim end 4. The mounts are attached to the jig and welded to the tubes. 0005" . Lay 1” welds on the inside and outside of the tabs. The tabs must be bolted to the outside of the jig. Grind off any remaining weld from the steering knuckle and bevel the edge a little to help in reinstalling it. Available online at www. Includes tips and instructions on jigs, welding, tube fitting, sheet metal, engine and rear end alignment, and much more. Aug 25, 2017 · The alignment bar isn't anywhere near strong enough to keep an axle tube from pulling out of alignment during welding. The Sputnik Tool main tube mitering fixture is designed for rigidity, repeatability and speed. It takes some effort to build a jig like this, but then you have it forever and any future narrowing is super easy. ( may be easier to do this with the housing still in the Another view of the jig. Remove Measure and note the distance between the front wheel and rear wheel on either side of the trailer, if your trailer has a second axle. The "fixed" wheel is rotated until its crankpin rests against the machined face of the jig side plate. First, I jig up the housing and use a carbide bit to mill out the plug welds. Then, what I will typically do is go over to my dry ice generator/cooler, and pack the new tube with dry ice, and use my rotating rosette oxy/acet 6-torch fixture to slowly heat the cast housing. Tack the brackets in place with the housing in the car. He had a jig to do it correctly is why I used them. Only down side is that I need to put the old axle in Upgrade your ride from bias to radial tires and learn how to build your own beadlock rim for your 4x4. The is not hard to correct, but yet impossible without a jig to confirm measurements. Jun 22, 2016 · Yamaha Rhino Differential Repair. - 29, 1964 P. Remove the rear end from the vehicle, remove the axles from the housing, then finish welding. 5″ round straight air axle 22,500 lb rating and 25,000 lb rating. THE TAB SHOULD BOLT TO THE JIG SO IT IS FLAT AGAINEST THE LOCATING PLATE AND HAS A MINIMUM GAP BETWEEN THE TAB AND THE AXLE TUBE. The axle stubs are welded in the end of the axle tube to Learn about Dutchman measuring devices the Dutchman Dog Bone, Narrowing Fixtures, and Housing Alignment Tools at www. D. Some applications may require using the smaller 3" axle tubes, but for most of our rears we use the stronger 3 1/4" axle tubes. The kit consists of a 1 1/2" O. If done using a jig like shown above, a significant reduction of your axle / track width can be avoided. Learn about Dutchman measuring devices the Dutchman Dog Bone, Narrowing Fixtures, and Housing Alignment Tools at www. In use, one wheel is pressed onto the axle securely, the other is fitted loosely and the axle suspended between centres. I then put the frame back in the jig to compare, and to my surprise the frame was in perfect alignment with the dummy axle. Using large pcs of angle and a spacer, I jig the spindle up with the c/l parallel to the c/l of the axle adusting the height as needed with big shims. I am looking to narrow my rear axle housing and would like some pictures of what kind of jig or set up you use to do this. Consider how far off you'd have to be before it'd make any difference - hold a string between two points - that's your axle, if the tube that surrounds it is a bit off, it may ride more to the edge of one of the roller bearings - but again consider how far off you'd have to be before it'd actually wear hard enough to matter. Full discount on this item to raceways. . 072 stainless tube, . What you want to do is center the beam in the carrier bearings and then check the deflection in the tubes by checking to see if the beam is centered in the wheel bearing surface. Axle Housing Narrowing and Alignment Tools, Axle Narrowing Guide Tools, Aerospace-grade Billet Aluminum, Pinion Centering Plate, Ford 9 in. 525" (Dana & 8 3/4") and 2. 00 Jun 26, 2013 · Just for comparison sake I'm posting the original pic and then the pic after the tube was straightened. Machine the ends you are going to use and mount them with the king pins into the spindles. ( may be easier to do this with the housing still in the ‰Û¢ Bolt-In Axles provide improved retention over the C-Clip style axles that are supplied with the factory 8. No cockeyed axle tubes or alignment issues this way. But don't think of skipping the jig because the axle you make with out it will not be aligned on the carrier and will not run true. While Ford completed its production in 1986 after being replaced by the Ford 8. An alignment shop should be able to check it. The jig consists of a solid steel rod and several flanges. MAC702. Actually verifying the issue and figuring out what to do next gets a bit more complicated. Step by step video detailing basic chassis construction techniques on a rear engine dragster. Then by checking the front/back dimension I get it square. up to 35 spline. Features include: Large diameter axle with captured axle system. Narrow any rear end for racing or rodding applications with this precision made kit. I don't have access to a jig, but have a Alignment can be measured and corrected using professional tools - or a measuring tool made from an old hub axle and an adjustable wrench. Mar 01, 2012 · The Dana 44 we started with is from a late ’70s Dodge half-ton. Check your tandem trailer for proper axle alignment to reduce accident risk, and guard against cargo damage. Versatile over a full range of wheel sizes from Balance Bikes to 29+ wheel sizes. Only down side is that I need to put the old axle in P. With the laser jig, they'll be able to take care of it easily and likely relatively inexpensively. With center pucks and lineup bar installed. The main alignment points generally seem to provide the best route for purge gases, which adds further import to the connections at the BB, head tube and seat tube. ) As you can see the bushing now slides into the tube. The width between the right and left axle carrier is 2 inches. If it is under 1/4" you can heat shrink it. ‰Û¢ Brake Offset is fixed which means easier brake installations and Caliper alignment. This axle has straight EZ-Lube spindles, a 1,800 lb weight capacity and measures 57-1/2" from hub face to hub face. Then put a piece of 2. 19e1- 3 Sheets-Sheet 2 ATTORNEY Dec. No Caster is the relationship of the axle to the ground, not the chassis. 5in GN Snouts 60in Ctr ALL68822. Dec 03, 2010 · Specifically I would like to know how you aligned the spindle with the axle tube for welding. The jig would have to be tailored to the bike design, or be infinitely variable. Another tool is something I had custom made at a local machine shop and that is an alignment jig. Axle C is a 32-36 Ford which has been stretch dropped 4 inches. 25 and 7. Now, the likelihood of me spinning a tube with a stock 4. Cowryman Saw Gauge Stainless Steel Woodworking Tools Table Saw Fence Alignment Jig Table Saw Dial Indicator (Basic body) 4. Let the axle drop down for better access to the tabs. Heat until the digital caliper shortens. Now you must heat shrink the axle tubes to pull the rear end straight. Dress all cut ends with bevel for future weld. Toyota Long Tube Bushings are sold INDIVIDUALLY. , Each Part Number: ICB-551382 *** Axle shortening alignment jig*** These are the jig bushings you need to shorten axles,,, I now make sizes for Dana 30, Dana 44, Dana 60, Ford 9" small bearing ,Ford 9" large bearing, Ford 8. Clean up axle tubes and steering knuckle. See May 20, 2018 · Cut both axle tubes square with a chop saw (7/64" kerf). 625 I. We can provide you with a dropped axle or we can drop your axle. _____ Buyer assumes a 4% paypal fee and all shipping charges. Set my tube inbetween them and welded it. May 07, 2013 · I need to get spring pads welded on my 8 3/4 housing. Once you get it where you want it, tighten the U-bolts, and take it to the alignment shop to verify you did it right. Part # RTR-PRI902 We are resurrecting another great item from the PRI vault, with many more still to come. The jig was done to ensure they were welded exactly where they needed to be and with proper alignment. Another alignment check takes place now to ensure that the rear He built a rear 60 using custom made tubes that have inner axle seals machined into them, the press fit machined and another press fit on the other end machined in for a custom ring. it just off the 21st south freeway between redwood and 13th west. One word of advice. So I thought, how can this be, is my jig out of alignment? Above and below is the jig/fixture I built out of a chunk of "I"-beam. Mar 14, 2008 · Took the axle to work and put it in the mill and fish mouthed it to accept the bosses. This is the axle tube length. I have heard that the tubes could bend if not using Jan 07, 2009 · Please. Using MDF and pieces of wood I made a jig. Jun 06, 2016 · Using an alignment jig, the tubing is welded 360 degrees to the outside of the housing, along the housing slots and to the internal gusset. 078 music wire or. How Much Lift You Can Cut For: A Cut and Turn is best suited to no more than 3-inches of increased lift height (5 inches if doing a Cut & Turn on a Dana 44 TTB). 21, 1961 5 Sheets-Sheet 3 g r. Another concern is metallurgy. 8", Dana 60, Chevy 12-bolt, Mopar 8-3/4” and early Olds rearends. It's a precision Find Mittler Bros. Chemically Striped and Cleaned Casting - Also Shot Blasted 3" DOM (American Made Steel) Axle Tubes Machined, Pressed into Casting, and TIG Welded into the Casting w/ "Ni99 Rod (This is the only way to properly re-tube a rear) Billet Steel Housing Ends TIG Welded To The Axle Tubes Using A Special Jig Alignment Bar New Brackets (MULTI or MONO The Pro Body Jig locates all of the axle holes at the same height on the body which helps ensure the car is sitting square to the track, for a equally balanced car left to right and an aid in alignment. Dana does not plug the axle tubes, so take a good look for any debris in the tubes as soon as it is out of the crate. Choose inner line-up blocks, bolt inner puck (pairs), Dana 60 Inner Puck, or automotive tube alignment rings for small Fords & GM trucks from Mittler Brothers/Tanner Racing Products. In the case of an axle housing, it is important that the wheel bearing housings line up with the carrier bearings on the differential. leave wheels and tire on. i had a unraced 8. Sets front and rear axles. Commonly manufactured from round steel bar stock or square tubing, the axle truss spans the width or the axle from wheel hub to wheel hub while coming in contact with the axle's center section. It actually took longer to make the jig than it took to assemble the axle once the jig was made. 8-inch axle, aftermarket companies continue to produce Ford 9-inch alternatives. The best way would be to grind the paint and prep the axle tubes for welding. , alignment bar for head tube with fittings, precision bar with cones for head tube, screw jack with nylon head, dummy axles 120 mm, 1260 mm, 130 mm, 135 mm. to within. This gives you the absolute rear axle center line. 100" from the alignment jig, you will probably need to use heat. I have never seen a housing that is this bad (over a 1/4" out). Bolt one end of the jig to the cradle using a 5/8” x 2 ¾” bolt. 5/8”-11 x 2 ¾” bolt 7. brake tubes, and when working close to those tubes Ron traded the plasma cutter for various other grinders and cut-off wheels to prevent damage to the tube. 00 Proper alignment of housing ends is obtained with a 1-11/16" ground shaft which uses screw on axle adapter ends. 8-inch axle housing. Front or rear on housing depending on exhaust setup. R-Joint End 4. Starting with a complete disassembly of the rear of the machine, including the removal of the bed, exhaust, rear suspension and mid-shaft, we made room to get a 60″ offset new reproduction stamping Ford 9″ housing with new 3″ tubes, fill and drain plug installed and jig-welded. My ball height is about 23 3/4" now where low riders are in the 18" area. We also offer rubber torsion axles and replacement parts for Dexter trailer axles and Trailer Buddy torsion axles. Thee second fits the bottom bracket to the head tube. 5mm pilot is a confident one. Make your cars go faster! What you get: - Axle alignment jig w/ parts tray - Two (2) sliding wheel blocks - Instruction sheet - Stickers Cars with straight axles will roll betterthat's science. Upper bar 2. 2 carrier pucks and one axle end. If it's close, I weld away. Apr 21, 2006 · I believe that the secret to doing this is to design the axle bracket as a full 360 degree style, that goes all the way around the axle tube. The sawhorses support the whole Jig. Trailer axles are galvanized or Basic Chassis Construction. Clean up the cut end of the axle tube and wire wheel the tube to provide a clean surface for reinstalling the knuckle and welding. Housings are jig welded for correct alignment using a select used center section, new 3" O. You will be welding a steel tube to a cast iron housing which is less than ideal. To use, simply slide The Rearend Ruler over four of the housing studs on your 9" Ford housing, hook your tape measure in the appropriate slot and measure. Other handy tools you may want to consider include a Pinewood Derby hub tool, an axle alignment tool, body slotters, axle pullers and a Pinewood Derby axle guide. 5" ID tube over that, weld it up, and then stick the cast mount back on. The Ford 9-inch rear end is the most popular axle in car racing and the automotive industry in general. He pressed it all together, plug welded the tubes back in, and then pressed and welded his custom ends on the tubes. Any help is great Thanks Re: Axle/hornblock alignment jigs Post by Russ Elliott » Mon Jan 18, 2010 11:49 pm The assumption that a 3mm drill will remain 'on centre' through a 1. Can also help out Aug 25, 2017 · The alignment bar isn't anywhere near strong enough to keep an axle tube from pulling out of alignment during welding. This allows the tube to sit snugly in the box with one end of the tube butted firmly against the end of the box. wrap a chain around the axle tube on the end that is furthest from the front, then attach the winch and bump it a hair at a time; if using a come-along, attach it to the recovery hook at the front of the frame. It really is easy! There is enough 'give/slop' in the u-joints to not need to use an alignment bar to put everything back together. The trailer axle alignment guage of claim 11, said last mentioned means comprising apertures in said lever means and base plate. (there may be others out there, but for certain you could hit Alstons for these jigs below) 6708 REAREND-NARROWING JIG Price $ 459. 1000-RENK1 Mittler Brothers Rear-End Narrowing Tool Kits and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Mittler Brothers rear-end narrowing tool kits are designed to narrow your vehicle's rear-end for racing or street rod applications using precision-made tools. tube/pipe and beat 3" of it into the chopped axle tube. The jig consists of a front and rear axle carrier, milled out to take 1/8 inch axle. ICT Billet 9" Rear End Axle Tube Narrowing Cut Guide Rearend Pinion Dogbone Tool (Compatible with Ford) 551382 5. C-clamps (not shown) are used to hold the axle and tube clamp posts in position for brazing or welding. If you stop, chances are the weld will pull everything out of alignment. I'm looking into doing some upgrades/mods and of my options involves the need for an axle alignment jig. 25" true bar. Then weld from 12 to 3 then 9 to 6 o’clock, feather each start and stop, then fill in the gaps. The axle flip, no you do not rotate the axle tube 180. I find keeping the sections as short as possible helps with alignment, as the short lengths There is only about 1. 10 possible wheel bases. Dec 05, 2015 · Building a jig isn't to hard if you have a buddy with a lathe, you'll need a true, smooth, rigid bar and 2 bushings to fit the carrier bearing clamps and another 2 that fit the axle tubes all bored to fit snug on the bar but still move easily enough. (Note: The jig is a work in progress. We stock a large variety of VW tools including special tools like flywheel lock tools, oil pump pullers, clutch alignment tools, and much more. A swing-frame auxiliary axle system for a work vehicle and method of assembling is disclosed that includes a pivot frame having a pair of spaced pivot arms having a pivot end and a free end and being connected to carry a common transverse torque tube close to the free end thereof, each arm being pivotally mounted to a vehicle chassis rail near the pivot end, the torque tube including a pair of Oct 09, 2014 · So the next step is to lift the axle onto the straightening jig, which is basically a big piece of 1⁄2-inch thick I-beam steel with a cradle on one end, some huge chain, and a 20-ton jack. THEY FEATURE: 3 1/4" x 1/4" DOM steel axle tubes, Moser race axles. com, or through ERI. Repeat with the second axle. Install the knuckle on the tube. R-Joint spacer 6. Also if you have any tips and tricks to share, I would appreciate those as well. And evolving standards for BB, Headsets and rear axles add the final complexity to these interfaces. 21. Chassis Assembly Jig: here's the bare block. cs. Strange H1143 GM pattern hous Narrow any rear end for racing or rodding applications with this precision made kit. i mean if the tube isnt the same diameter all the way through. It is another object of the present invention to provide a system of sub-assemblies which, when assembled together, result in accurate alignment of the torque tube and pivot arms of a pivot frame tag axle assembly without the need for jigs to align the parts when combining the sub-assemblies. 25 rear ends. using columbus or dedacciai tubing. and for a reasonable price. Hold all parts in the kit square and straight. Loosen the U-bolts. system includes: bottom bracket holding post, fitting for b. A friend did that with his CJ5's D44 axle and it was relatively painless. 8 , Corp 10 bolt , 12 bolt, 14 bolt and stock them. Once you have the axle tubes cut, continue on with the instructions laid out in the cut and turn pages. Axle B is a 32 Ford Heavy which has been stretch dropped 5 inches. If you leave the axles in when you weld the tubes it will help hold itself straight. 5" O. When welding brackets on to an existing housing, after tacking them in place, I check the alignment. After the other axle tube was installed the housing was moved to a workbench where Nelson installed the alignment jig and polished stainless steel shaft to keep everything aligned and true while welding. These axles have a 1/8" section to build the loco on, a 3/16" section to fit the jig, and a spigot to suit the type of crankpins you use. A drill guide or “jig” is a nifty tool that you can use to re-drill axles and drums to be able to use a different lug pattern without having to remove the axles from the vehicle or take the wheels down to a machine shop to get re-drilled to the desired pattern. Build with . From my CAD drawings I worked out the positions of the front and rear axle, the bottom bracket and the angle of the downtube. Either way, you need full access to the forkends -- and so, remove fender bolts, derailer adapter claw, adjusters -- anything which gets in the way. A word of caution, if your rear end has more than a 1/4 "of deflection it will need an axle tube replaced. That's the easy way. ralphthorneracing. Give us a call and let us build on for you! BOLT THE LINK TAB TO THE JIG USING THE BOLT PROVIDED. I machined a couple of aluminum blocks to slip into the bearing housings on the ends of the axles, and machined a 1. price start at $900 frame & fork (un painted). 00 and for 33-36 axles is $75. Start with a rear hub - this one is crudely clipped out of a stray scrap wheel. That means if it's set at 5 degrees positive with the frame sitting level on a jig, then the car is put on the ground with a 3 degree nose-down rake, the caster will be 2 degrees positive-and you'll be wondering why the car wanders all over the road. 1- remove housing from truck . As i siad before welding the axle tubes doesn't stop the fact that the pinion teeth will sheer off before the axle tubes manage to twist in the housing. Seat tube length 300 - 700mm. If the tube is off, the axle will be inserted at a slight angle, which can cause premature bearing failure. The Dana Crate Axle ® Program provides a solid foundation for your next drivetrain build. Straightening Axle Tubes (Toe Out) Use same procedure as above, heating tube on the back side (9 o’clock when looking at the hub). This not only assures you that the bike is actually straight when you are done, it also holds all the frame tubes together which makes it easier to weld up. An axle flip in my case with 3” axle tubes, 6,000# axle seats plus my adjusters will raise the entire TT almost 4". 20/21. It even has a handy parts tray and no-slip rubber feet. 5″ and 32″ length) and all hardware necessary. E-Z LINE is the most precise and simple way to align heavy-duty trucks and equipment. We drop the axle the vintage way like they did years ago. Bonus question, what specifically is the axle tubing called Jan 07, 2009 · Please. The only thing that moves is the spring pack. All of Speedway Engineering’s Street Rod housings have billet axle bearing flanges, tig welded in place on a jig to insure proper alignment. Welding will prevent twist but bracing will really help you keep the tubes straight. All of our dropped axles are straighted, set to factory spec. If they do not line up, use a small file to align the slots or use another block. Again like Cranky said, pull the outer bushings before you weld. Head tube X 200- 550mm. Jul 20, 2016 · Walden fab'd an alignment rod from 1018 cold-rolled steel bar stock that, after being precisely turned on a lathe, fits through the housing's axle tubes and out beyond each end. Dexter Axle Tube for Build Your Own Trailer Axle System — 2in. Item # Description 1. The seat says go on last and this is done out of the jig with a dummy axle and pointer to help ensure that the rear end tracks true. Secondly with out an alignment jig you'll just screw the axle housing up more then helping it. axle tube alignment jig

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